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“ Welcome Home Tour”

9 Days July 26, 2024 - August 03, 2024

Join us for the unforgettable "Welcome Home Tour" sponsored by UGKA, featuring exclusive highlights in the breathtaking landscape of South Africa. Embark on a Sacred Tour to discover ancient sites and spiritual landmarks that define the cultural richness of the region. Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the African sunset on an exhilarating Safari adventure. Gather around the bonfire under the starlit sky for an evening of camaraderie and storytelling. Start your day with reflection and connection at the Prayer Breakfast, fostering a sense of community and spiritual renewal. Finally, indulge in elegance and sophistication at the Black Tie gala, celebrating the journey and creating memories to last a lifetime. Join us on this extraordinary tour where every moment is a cherished experience.

Vax and Merchant are included.

Welcome Home Tour” sponsored by UGKA will have an exclusive 16 days of activities scheduled for you pleasure, knowledge and enjoyment.

Highlights in South Africa

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*Sunset Safari - Fees Included

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* Prayer Breakfast - Fees Included

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UGKA Investments (Pty) Ltd is a Community Development company based in South Africa. We Educate, Empower, and Embolden the global African community to Return, Reconnect and Reunite as one people in one land… Africa.

Our partners provide us the unique opportunity to supply united African communities of both Diaspora and Continental Africans with optimal products and services ranging from property acquisition to tools for sustainability.

The UGKA Repatriation plan seeks to build private cost-effective communities for Diaspora families seeking to relocate to the continent.

The “Welcome Home” Experience sponsored by UGKA coming soon!! STARTING JUL 26 - AUG 03 2024 (Details to be announced)

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  • Too long have people of African descent been disenfranchised and without advocacy. Our lands have been ravished and overexploited while her children separated from foundational culture and identity. But now… the opportunity for change is here. UGKA!! With a UGKA Membership you’ll get access to monthly health newsletters, business startup tips, and more. All services that are exclusive to our Members only.
  • With a UGKA membership you’ll get access to health newsletters, land acquisition, support in starting a business in Africa, and more. All services that are exclusive to our members only.

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Our Objective




To Strengthen Developing Communities in Africa

Asset Protection

Sustainability For All UGKA Communities


Increased revenue advantages for our partners

In 2021, the formation of the United Global Kingdoms of Africa (UGKA) aimed to unite traditional native rulers and present them to the international community. However, by 2023, UGKA has broadened its scope to include assisting the African Diaspora in returning to the continent, providing humanitarian aid to distressed villages and townships, emphasizing economic strategies, and investing in technological advancements to enhance the continent's competitiveness.



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Our Vision & Mission

UGKA Investments (Pty) Ltd is a trusted company that focuses on creating sustainable communities throughout Africa, catering to both Continental and Diaspora populations. Our primary objective is to foster cultural and economic growth, ensuring the reestablishment and prosperity of these communities.

Agriculture & Land developing

Technology & Innovation

Community & Volunteers

"South African town gets support from a new group making an immediate impact."

UGKA World News




Bill Whethersford is a journalist on contract assignment reporting for

African Global Reference Media

HAMMANSKRAAL - with more than a decade of contesting with local municipal authorities and after having received countless unfulfilled promises for improved health and sanitation measures, the habitants of Hammanskraal have come to a point of desperation like they could have never imagined. Having suffered with subpar drinking water conditions for years, a record number of 15 deaths in just the month of May alone from cholera have sent the rural grain and cattle community into a frenzy.

Located within the Gauteng Province and under the jurisdiction of the city of Tshwane, Hammanskraal is home to a community in limbo often wondering why they do not/ have not received the standard of municipal services as its peer constituents. Provincial Parliament Figures and even the city's Mayors have visited the community from time to time to quell fed up residents with Band-Aid like solutions and no absolute cure. Water trucks and temporary water filtration systems have not proved sustainable for the population of an estimated 71,000. With the publicity of the Hammanskraal Water Crisis going viral across social media, the elephant in the room could no longer be ignored. South Africa's own President Cyril Ramaphosa delayed more weightier global issues concerning Russia and China and made the trip personally to Hammanskraal to get down to the bottom of the water pandemic long plaguing one of the Republic's most ignored regions.

A month prior, within the city of Johannesburg, about 1 hour and 13 minutes driving distance from Hammanskraal, several vans loaded with executive staff and hundreds of gallons of potable water, destined for the much deprived community. This echelon of assistance was led by a much different President however, perhaps one you may not have heard of but will in the coming years ahead.

"We wanted to live up to our namesake..." LaVell Walton said as he handed water to residence standing in single file lines while also responding to local news and media correspondents who asked about his group and their mission. "The UGKA is an initiative combined of African Diaspora worldwide who want to make the continent their top priority in all matters both good or bad, we are their children so if there's a problem at home with them then there certainly is a problem with us, we saw a problem at home, that's why we're involved." Walton is the current President of UGKA (United Global Kingdoms of Africa) a humanitarian and social collaborative of African Diaspora mainly from North America but based in South Africa.

UGKA Support Team (South Africa) in cooperation with the Lorna N Foundation pose for a group photo at a water dispatch center in Hammanskraal Gauteng Province. [Source UGKA Images]

Birth of UGKA

In 2021, President LaVell Walton, along with many other Diaspora, traveled to Ghana West Africa to celebrate the Year Of The Return. The group saw a potential to acquire land and develop a self-sustainable community. These hopes were detoured due to many unforeseen circumstances.

In that same year, King Bhungane III of the Embo Kingdom in South Africa formed the United Kingdoms of Africa (UKA) aimed to unite traditional native rulers and present them to the international community. By April 2023 both paths would cross in South Africa to discuss the return of the African Diaspora. Shortly thereafter, in May 2023 the United Global Kingdoms of Africa (UGKA) was born.

Under the leadership of President Walton the vision and mission includes assisting the African Diaspora to return to the Continent and the reconnection of all Africa’s children. UGKA, through collaboration and innovation, aims to provide humanitarian aid to the distressed, emphasize economic strategies, and invest in technological advancements to enhance the Continent’s competitiveness.



The UGKA logo has great significance to our people and history. The continent of Africa is surrounded by the rock and standard symbol reminding us of the covenant the Creator made with our forefather that his seed would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. The logo itself is Black to symbolize the people and Gold to symbolize the richness of our lands.


1.Plenty of Living Space









The UGKA Repatriation plan seeks to build private cost-effective communities for both Diaspora and Continental African families seeking to reestablish and thrive on the Continent.

We don’t have next, We Got NOW!!!

We don’t have next, We Got NOW!!!


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"A nation that barters her children for items will inherit a curse but a nation that barters items for her children will be restored."

-African Proverb